Would You Die In Game Of Thrones?


Would You Die In Game Of Thrones?
You would survive and become ruler of the Iron Throne

You would survive and be ruler of the Iron Throne. You are smart and make more allies than enemies but you know how to keep your enemies away.
You would be betrayed...

You would be betrayed. You are too trusting towards devious, cunning people. You never know who your real friends are.
You would die in battle...

You would die in battle. You anger easily and anger your enemies easily. You rush into battle without considering how to get through the situation without bloodshed.
You would die being ambushed while travelling

You would die travelling. The Narrow sea is swarming with pirates and you never know who could be on the kings road or the demons road. Try to avoid travelling in these perilous times.
You would be assassinated...

You would be assassinated. You have so many enemies and some of them are close to you. Try to find excuses for them to be away from you because you give them reason to assassinate you.

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