Which Miley Cyrus Are You?


How are you feeling today?

What do you feel like putting on your body today?

Who do you wanna collaborate with?

What kind of party are you headed to?

What's your type?

Pick a pet.

Pick a GIF.


Which Miley Cyrus Are You?
Hannah Montana Miley

You're wacky, you're sweet, you have talent up the wazoo. You probably use words like ""wazoo"" -- and not in reference to twerking. Sweet niblets!

You're a little wild, aren't you? It's cool. We appreciate your explorative, vivacious spirit -- even if its tongue is often hanging out of its mouth.
Happy Hippie Miley

Oh man, it's like seeing our child graduate from college and maybe go to the Peace Corps! You're still (more than) kind of wild, but you're also looking forward to the future -- both yours and the world's. *sniff* Is someone cutting onions in here?

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