Which Dog are you like when you’re angry?


How often do you become angry?

When someone makes you angry, how do you react?

Which of these things pisses you off the most?

Do you feel as though you can't control yourself when you're angry?

What calms you down when you get really mad?

Which of these individuals do you usually become most upset with?

Have you ever plotted revenge against someone who has wronged you?

Which facial expression most closely resembles you when you're angry?

Which Dog are you like when you're angry?
90% Doberman, 10% Chihuahua

Dobermans have been called fearless and exhibit strong traits of loyalty toward their owners. You are very close and devoted to the people in your life, but if anyone crosses you, you can become ferocious and mean. Other times however, you just snap back at them like a cute little Chihuahua! Not a bad combination!
50% German Shepherd, 50% Pitbull

Both of these breeds are fierce, territorial animals that refuse to be messed with. You are regal and confident and can be quite temperamental when set off. But like these loyal and trusted canines, you should be proud of your confidence and strong stature! Just don't bark too loudly!
75% Bullmastiff, 25% Chihuahua

You have a pretty good balance of anger and patience, although like the great Mastiff, your angry side tends to show through a little bit more. Even though the Mastiff has a tough exterior, it also has a soft, gushy side. You sometimes deal with anger by being passive aggressive. Other times, you shake it off and keep doing your thing, just like the courageous and bubbly chihuahua.
95% Tibetan Mastiff, 5% Poodle

Like the great Tibetan Mastiff, you are highly social and intelligent, but extremely temperamental! You can be stubborn and react brashly when you are offended. Your poodle side comes out when you are in your comfort zone and doing what you love to do, and then you are able to manage your emotions easier. Either way both breeds are absolutely adorable, and so are you!
100% Golden Retriever

You're just a happy-go-lucky golden retriever! You are incredibly smart, outgoing and love being around people. You are calm and patient which keeps you from getting angry in difficult situations. You are an excellent problem solver and love learning new things. It's really no wonder you're everyone's favorite!

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