What Nationality Are You Subconsciously?


What's the most important thing in society?

How important are tradition and family?

Pick a morning drink to start your day.

Which of the following do you find the most annoying?

What's your ideal romance?

Pick a cultural activity:

Which do you follow?

How do you deal with anger?

What's your idea of perfect weather?

Pick a delicious treat:

What Nationality Are You Subconsciously?

You're subconsciously Brazilian! You're passionate, fun and totally irresistible. The diversity and intensity of Brazil matches your wild personality. Home to radically diverse populations, Brazil has something for everyone and everything for YOU! You belong on the breathtaking beaches of Rio with a drink in hand or in the middle of a colorful and scandalous Carnival parade dancing your heart out. It's no secret that Brazil has some of the sexiest people in the world with a lust for fun and adventure that only you could match. Whether you'd rather kick back on the beach or explore the Amazon, you're subconsciously Brazilian!

Living la dolce vita, you're subconsciously Italian! Passionate, artistic and romantic, your lust for love, food and all things beautiful make your personality perfect for Italy. You have a deep appreciation for beauty and there's no better way to your heart than through your stomach! You thrive on passionate romances full of wine and delicious pastas. You appreciate the arts, culture, and there's nothing more important to you than family. Your fuse may be short and your temper legendary but your inner warmth and compassion is unmatched. You are subconsciously Italian!

You're subconsciously Japanese! Your deep respect for tradition and passion for progress make you far more Japanese than you may have realized. With a long and unique history of isolation from the outside world, Japan has preserved a fascinating and ancient culture amid a modern and thriving economy. Japan's tradition and radical technological progress are perfect for your unique approach to life. You are a perfect mix of the past and the future that only Japan could produce! You're health conscious, ambitious, independent and incredibly hardworking. You're bound by tradition but you're always looking forward to the next great idea. You are subconsciously Japanese!

You're subconsciously British! You're fun, quirky and love a good mix of history and modern progress. You love hearty food and spending a night at the pub with your closest friends is always what you'd rather be doing. You prefer mild, cool weather and you enjoy a good rain, but too much of it will have you escaping off to a Greek island! You'll take tea over coffee any day and nothing tops a good shepherd's pie in your mind. Your humour is subtle, yet hilarious and bloody infectious! God save the Queen - you're subconsciously British!
South African

It's probably time you started saying "Howzit?" because you're subconsciously South African! You're interesting, adventurous, friendly and full of joy and laughter. South Africa's incredibly diverse population (there are 11 official languages!) and breathtaking wildlife is perfect for your openminded and adventurous spirit. Whether kicking back on the windy beaches of Capetown or hustling Johannesburg (also known as the NYC of Africa), the warmth, passion , and adventure of South Africa match your personality perfectly! You're subconsciously South African!

You're subconsciously Swedish! The cool, tolerant and egalitarian culture of Sweden is perfect for your laid back and openminded personality. You value progress and equality far more than outdated traditions, but you genuinely respect authority. You're introspective, practical, hardworking and respectful. You need order and you avoid chaos. You may initially come across as shy, but you're simply independent and naturally contemplative. You love winter sports, but those long summer nights of the midnight sun bring out your wild side! You're subconsciously Swedish!

You're subconsciously Indian! You're unique, colourful and deeply spiritual personality perfectly matches one of the most fascinating places on earth.... INDIA! You the see the world through a unique lens that would only make sense along the banks of the Ganges. Your passion for delicious, spicy and traditional foods makes you right at home in India. You respect tradition and there's nothing more important to you than family but you have a unique tech savvy and entrepreneurial eye that would thrive in the "rising tiger" of Asia! You're naturally down to earth, compassionate. You are subconsciously Indian!

Ooh l� l�, you're subconsciously French! Cinema, fashion, cuisine, romance, philosophy and art, France has everything you've ever dreamed of. You're artistic eye for fashion, your unique taste for delicious cuisine, your lust for romance and your critical, philosophical outlook on the world all make you subconsciously French! An economic and artistic powerhouse, France is the zenith of European class and culture. Whether on the runway, in the cafe or at the university, France is where you belong. Mon Ch�ri, you're subconsciously French!

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