What Kind of College Student Are You?


How do you spend most weekends?

What is your favorite type of drink?

Where are you during class hours?

During the semester you will most likely find me:

What do you do when you have a homework assignment?

What Kind of College Student Are You?
The Nerd

You are the nerd! You work hard and take school seriously and often times desire to have an expert review your work to make sure its correct.
The Party Person

You are the party person! You love to socialize and have fun with your friends! Unfortunately you don't always have time party and do you work.
The Jock

You are the Jock! In between practice, school, and parties, you rarely have time to do your homework!
The Procrastinator

You are the Procrastinator! Why do today what you can do tomorrow? Well why do tomorrow what you can pay someone else to day?

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