What Is Your Art Of Seduction?


When do you unleash the power of your kiss?

Do you have a favorite style of dance?

How do you know when someone is interested in you?

What's your signature move?

You can learn the most from which Sex Icon?

Are you naughty or nice?

Are you looking for love or just a good time?

What body part do you use to your advantage?

How forward are you when you make a move?

What's your sexy date food?


What Is Your Art Of Seduction?
The Siren

You are the Siren! Your art of seduction is gleaming with sexuality, aloofness, and a startling presence. The obvious aspects of your seduction that make you a sexy siren can be attributed to your personal style and body language, but the more discrete component lies within the challenge of actually pursuing you. You know what you're worth and what you have to offer, so making your intimacy exclusive is what drives others crazy! You have a secret wild side that you save for someone special, and that captivating energy you naturally exude comes from that visual glare and the strong silence that can seem erotically suggestive!
The Ideal Lover

Your art of seduction is as the Ideal Lover! You have the sensitivity, the patience, and most importantly, the temptation of a fantasy working to your benefit. You are a very observant human being and no one can turn down being understood by a spiritual soul such as yourself. You offer a sense of surrealism and elevation to those that you court, often providing the fairy-tale romance we all dream about at least once in our lives. Your subtle actions, generous behavior and soft demeanor make the object of your desire feel right at home, and eventually your seductive ways keep them in your arms without them letting you go.
The Natural

You are the Natural in the art of seduction! You don't hide behind any tricks or gimmicks when it comes to seducing the one you desire, and it works well for you. You come off as vulnerable and child-like, but only because it makes you seem much more endearing than the average adult. For you to admit that you can be awkward and fearful at times is irresistible since honesty in a partner is something that never goes unwanted. Your self-confidence and happiness you feel in the life you lead makes you all the more attractive, and no love interest can resist being in your company while being themselves with you at the same time!
The Coquette

You are the Coquette! To perfect this art of seduction you must be a true badass with impeccable self control. You may play the hot and cold game quite frequently but that's because you're smart enough to know you should always leave them wanting more. You know how to excite others with the snap of your fingers; you may use your soft tone of voice, a contagious laugh or a wink of the eye, but you never give in to your own temptation in order to heighten the temptation of others. You may think we're calling you a tease, but what we're really trying say is that you're just really good at building up a fantasy. A little mystery never killed anyone, right?
The Charmer

You are the Charmer! Flattery, relaxation, and great listening skills encompass the art of your seduction. You can be quite dangerous when you come across your desired target since you always find the perfect way to make them tick the way you want them to. You're especially talented at making people feel good about themselves and override any insecurities they may have, recreating yourself as their source for pleasure and prolonged comfort. Those you set your sights on never have a chance to look past your smoldering advances and tempting connection, which explains how the spell you cast on them is so hard to break out of!
The Dandy

You're the Dandy! This particular art of seduction can only be mastered by someone with a diverse mind; always open to new ideas and ambiguous in thought You hate being bored and strive to be disarming, making people naturally drawn to you and curious about who you are on the inside. You have the ability to hypnotize the apple of your eye with your pleasant conversation and outrageous behavior, instilling a sense of wonder in their gaze when their eyes finally match with yours. You don't care for being liked by everyone, which ironically makes you adored by everyone, especially those who find you sensually stimulating when you turn on the charisma.

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