What Is The Season Of Your Soul?


Which one of these hobbies would you rather try?

What are you most likely to be doing during a party?

Which holiday do you have the best childhood memories of?

In your group of friends you are the _______

If you could eat one food for the rest of your life it would be _______

Which city would you most like to escape to?

Pick a flower:

Pick a Rom-Com:

How would you describe your childhood?

What would you consider to be your greatest purpose in life?

What Is The Season Of Your Soul?

Your soul is spring! You are all about rebirth. You are constantly changing, finding yourself and trying to make positive changes in order to make yourself into a better person. You are a bright personality whose inner light shines through to all you encounter in life.

Your soul is autumn! You are an individual who has a lot of depth. You're all about finding out who you are as an individual. In this respect you can be incredibly spiritual and find yourself thinking philosophically about life all the time. Some may consider you to be quiet or a loner but you are just an observer by life by nature.

Your soul is winter! As an individual, you truly appreciate the simple things in life. Your family, friends, home, and food are all you really need. The little things in life are what make you the happiest. You are an extremely loyal person who believes your greatest mark in life is the relationships you make while you're alive.

Your soul is summer! As an individual, you are exciting, outgoing and extremely spontaneous. You are always looking for your next greatest adventure in life. You can have a very intense personality at times which can draw people in or push them away. You believe that life is best spent while living without a care in the world.

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