What Is The Most American Thing About You?


How would you say hello to an acquaintance?

Which government position would you prefer to fill?

Which one of these trendy combo foods would you rather eat?

Which President would you most like to have a fling with?

Which one of these summer activities are you most likely to enjoy?

Do you think he's funny?

Do you think that Columbus Day should be a national holiday?

Do you have an American flag hanging outside your house?

Finally, pick a classic symbol of Americana.

What Is The Most American Thing About You?
Your sense of humor

You're hilarious! You have that twist of cynicism, wit, and physical comedy that we love! Your friends love hearing your observations on the human condition, and most of the time you know you can get them on the floor laughing. You're always the person to turn to if you want to let loose and have fun. Did we nail it? Tell us in the comments!
Your culture

You love everything about American culture! Elvis? Check. Andy Warhol? Check. The Great Gatsby? You got it! You will never listen to "Sweet Caroline" without belting out the words. You feel lucky to be exposed to such a diverse culture steeped in a long history. Did we nail it? Tell us in the comments!
Your core values

You were raised with a strong sense of right and wrong, and an abiding belief of what it means to be a true patriot. You are the good man in the storm, and a rock to lean on. You believe that there is so much promise in this great land of ours, and that good people can live of of it. You have an intense connection to your history and your spirituality. Did we nail it? Tell us in the comments!
Your family traditions

You grew up as a tight-knit group. You have family traditions that date back for decades, and you look forward to teaching them to your kids one day. You had huge Thanksgivings and joyous Christmases and every summer you would take a trip together. Your deep connection to your roots is what makes you the strong and balanced person you are to this day! Did we nail it? Tell us in the comments!
Your passions

Your interests and hobbies scream red, white, and blue. You love playing football, going fishing, and coaching little league. You're always in the middle of some project and you have the stats for all sorts of teams memorized. You have a natural curiosity that draws you to new experiences and thoughts, and you tend to throw yourself into them. Did we nail it? Tell us in the comments!

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