What GTA Game Would You Best Live In?


Would rather live in the...

When did the best music come out..

What town would you rather live in?

What is your favorite season?

Who's the better musician?

What matters most to you?

What's the best Skyline?

Quick! Your friend is stuck down in a gang war by himself, what do you do?

Daytime or Nighttime?

Who would you rather work for?

Do you enjoy violence?

What best describes you?

Are you a..

What weapon would you rather have in battle?

What GTA Game Would You Best Live In?

You got GTA 3!
You would perfectly fit in here with the mobs and hookers running around everywhere you'd be in heaven! Plus with all the money you can make and cars you can drive... Welcome to paradise!
GTA Vice City

You got GTA Vice City!
Welcome back to the 80's! Here on your own little island with the beach, women and lets not forget the local gangs. You are surrounded by action and drugs wherever you go, but you like it because an action-packed adventure is everything to you. With the beautiful palm trees and all the money, just watch out you can't trust anyone out there except yourself!
GTA San Andreas

You got GTA San Andreas!
You are full of violence here! No matter where you look you always seem to find someone who hates you and wants to take you down whether it be, police, rival gang or even someone who you thought was your ""friend"". You cant rely on anyone but yourself, everyone around you is a threat. You know that your life can be taken at any moment but you like the risk! You like the thrill of fights, hookers, money, cars, houses you want it all. So if you stay here, go big or go home!

You got GTA 4!
Welcome back to Liberty City except now you're up to date. With everything you need just on your phone you pretty much own the land. Here you can do whatever, where ever and whenever as long as the cops don't get you first..

You got GTA 5!
Welcome back to the one and only San Andreas! Things have changed a lot around here, from new technology to the ballas running Grove Street. But you don't care, you still wanna take it all over, you wanna ruin the ballas and vagos day and have it all. You want all the cars, land, money, power. Even if it means doing some pretty harsh things....

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