Is Miley Cyrus A Bit Much?


Which Miley Cyrus do you most identify with?

Did Miley Cyrus actually say this: ""In my mind I'm Gucci Mane, but on paper I'm a pop artist.""

What are your opinions on Miley Cyrus' tongue?

Have you ever felt personally victimized by one of Miley Cyrus' leotards?

How do you feel when you look at Miley's Instagram feed?

""I wish she would go back to the old Miley."" True or False


What should Miley Cyrus do next?


Is Miley Cyrus A Bit Much?
She's a bit much for you

Yikes! Miss Miley is just a tad bit over the top for you.
Nah, you've seen worse

Eh. She's not too much to handle. Homegirl is doing her thang. You can handle her vibe.
Shut it down.

Miley Cyrus is more than a bit much for you. You've had all you can take from Hannah Montana.

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