Can We Guess What Kind Of Student You Were By What Was In Your School Bag?


What kind of pen did you keep in your bag?

How many textbooks did you keep in your bag at once?

What kind of notebook did you carry in your bag?

What did the inside of your notebook look like?

Which forbidden extra did you keep hidden from your teacher in your bag?

What kind of lunch did you pack for yourself?

Did you keep any spare reading material in your schoolbag?

Can We Guess What Kind Of Student You Were By What Was In Your School Bag?
The Hard Worker

You were a hard working student! Chances are you had many late night study sessions and always aimed to be the best of the best. You just couldn't understand why other students were always asking for extensions instead of being prepared. With hard earned success due to undeniable effort, you received well-deserved honors and recognition for your achievements. After all, no one ever got ahead by sitting on their behind!
The Intellectual Type

You were the intellectual type of student! Instead of being good at every subject, you preferred to be a master in one that particularly interested you, and you certainly excelled at it. But to be quite honest, learning and pursuing an education always came naturally to you anyway. You were one of those students who didn't have to try as hard as everyone else did and you just had a knack for being comprehensive in the classroom. Is it good genes or just good luck?
The Creative Learner

You were the creative type of student! Sitting in a classroom and listening to a lecture isn't the most efficient way for you to absorb information, and you found that being in a more interactive, hands on type of environment was much more suitable to your style of learning. You were the artsy kid and albeit a bit misunderstood, but no matter what project you did or paper you wrote, you always poured your heart and soul into your work. Nothing lacks meaning or depth with you!
The Question Master

You were the inquisitive student! Sure, we all wanted to throw a crumbled up piece of notebook paper at you when your questions made class run longer than necessary, but you can be absolutely sure that we wanted to kiss your face off when you asked the right questions needed to study better for the final. It's endearing that you're a curious person and have an extreme thirst for knowledge. Besides, you always made class more interesting and had the ability to provoke thought and insight within any subject area!
The Challenger

You were the challenger student! Chances are, you were probably sitting in the back of the classroom and didn't take kindly to the teachers and principals at your school. But hey, you just liked to maintain your independence and come to learning a new piece of information on your own terms. You'd prefer to learn through experience rather than a textbook, and you're much better at showing what you're good at instead of reciting it in an oral presentation. We may be calling you the class rebel right now, but your ability to do your own thing was what everyone admired so much about you!
The Social Butterfly

You were the social butterfly in school! Let's face it; the best part about going to class was seeing your friends and getting some extra quality time in with them. It's tough to be a communicative extrovert in a world where learning and education place you in a quiet room with so many people not being allowed to talk. What's the point in that, right? Human interaction and lively discussion with your peers taught you many valuable lessons that can be compared to those a history book, and being such a social person can take you far in the future when you network your way to the top!

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