Are You Realizing Your Full Potential?


Do you believe that everyone can be anything they want to be?

I am ___.

Do you really believe that you will succeed?

What was the last big goal you set for yourself?

Are other peoples' opinions important to you?

How often do you worry about failure?

Do people really have the power to change?

Is this statement true?

Are You Realizing Your Full Potential?
You are realizing 10% of your full potential!

You are realizing 10% of your full potential. This may seem like bad news, but just think of how much you could accomplish if you would tap into your full capabilities! The possibilities are endless! It's time to set aside your fear and worries and remember that you are a bright, strong person and that you are greater than you are letting yourself be! Go and get it!
You are realizing 60% of your full potential!

The good news is, you're realizing more than half of your potential. The better news is that you have so much more that you can accomplish! Set your mind to growing, changing, and evolving, and you shall! Don't let anything hold you back! Whether it's career goals or interpersonal goals, there is so much untapped potential spread out before you! Just go and get it!
You are realizing 90% of your full potential!

Wow! You are so close! You are maximizing your potential and pushing yourself to do and be better all the time! Luckily, there's always room for improvement. You know what to do! Think positive, silence your fears, take risks, and be the absolute best version of yourself! You are headed towards a stunning future!

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