95% Of People Can’t Get The Perfect Score In This Basic Memory Test


95% Of People Can't Get The Perfect Score In This Basic Memory Test
Perfect Score! You have an incredible memory!

Impressive! You clicked everything right and got the perfect score. You most likely have what's called an ""eidetic"" memory. This means that you have a remarkable ability to recall images and colors. You pay attention to detail, you notice the small things, and you have a gut intuition that kicks in when you've seen something more than once. You have a great analytic abilities and you're a natural born problem solver.
Almost Perfect! You have a good memory

You have a good memory! You're attentive, caring and always see the big picture. You may miss and few details here and there, but you're always on top of it and few things are too challenging for you. We're quite impressed.
You've got some work to do!

You gave it a good try, but you've got some work to do. Don't worry, this just means that you think outside the box and have a naturally creative spark. You don't need to pay attention to the details, because you're in your own world. A good memory, though, can get you far. Studies have found that curry, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, and walnuts contain antioxidants and other compounds that protect your brain and improve your memory! Bon apeptite!

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