Top 10 Worst Fashion Mistakes Women Make So Easily in 2018


Not many would admit it but ladies contemporarily make a whole lot of mistakes with fashion when it comes to wears. They seem to have lost the sense of distinction along professional, casual and party outlooks. Everything goes now so long they feel it looks good on them.

Quite for ignorance, nonchalant reasons or perhaps wanting to imitate what is perceived trendy, a lot of us have forgotten that we get addressed by a lot of people based on how we dress. Your appearance is the first thing every stranger will evaluate before convincing themselves if making further advances to know if your person worth the try. However, some people have failed the appearance tests so many times based on little but correctable horrendous fashion trends and mistakes thus;

10Rocking the crocs to formal gathering

You would agree with me that there are a whole lot of wears and accessories as produced by many brands for many purposes and for as many of our body parts. The crocs are one footwear intended for boating/outdoor activities. They are meant for the beach, small children, working in the garage and around your home. They have really good slip resistant and antibacterial qualities which make them really popular among users. However, it is becoming common that people wear crocs to offices and formal gatherings. This is such an abuse of the fashion product. If you are very much in love with crocs that you cannot do without them, there are ‘high fashion brands’ that incorporate the ‘croslite technology’ into it and make it perfect for an office wear. The normal crocs footwear are however not formal wears.



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