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Is today really the day? It is now almost a year since The Last Jedi hit cinemas and ignited a huge rift in the Star Wars fandom. Not only does Episode IX have to bring the entire Skywalker saga to a fitting end, with virtuallly no Skywalkers left standing, it also has to reassure the considerable section of the hardcore fanbase that this movie will deliver what they want. A major source also declared the Star Wars first materials would land in December and every sign is pointing to today as the only possible day. 

Some obserevers have suggested the Star Wars 9 materials will drop on December 20, this Thursday. But the Hellboy filmmakers have just annnounced their first trailer arrives that day. It is highly unlikely two major movies would release their first trailers on the same day.

December 20 will be exactly one year before Episode IX arrives in cinemas, however, previews will start worldwide on December 19, one year from today.

Today also sees the release of the final issue of the hugely popular Star Wars: Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith comicbook series. Releasing the trailer the same day would boost all things Star Wars in one simple step.

Today is the last realistic option until the very end of the month.

The Hellboy trailer on Thursday will be followed by  Disney’s major December priority, since Mary Poppins Returns launches in cinemas worldwide on FRiday. The studio will not want to split focus between two such major projects.

There had been hopes for the Spider-Man Far From Home first trailer to arrive this week, following its debut at the CCXP Comic Con in Sao Paulo, Brazil, last week. However Trailer Track has now confidently said there will be no Spidey swinging into view just yet. 

If the trailer does arrive today, it will almost certainly be dropped some time during the breakfast television shows. This means UK fans could expect something around midday or early afternoon.

With no major US football matches or scheduled appearances by Star Wars actors on any of the late night chat shows, an evening drop is unlikely.

If nothing does materialise, there have also been reports around Christmas Day itself. This followed an onlooker overhearing a new Christmas Day advert being shot at Disney World and the presenter included a link to camera which contained a line about it being time to look at something exciting in a galaxy far, far away.

But it seems unlikely that the family-friendly Disney corporation would release a trailer on Christmas Day which will split families as fans rushed to the internet to watch and react. 

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