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It is becoming clear JJ Abrams will continue the work he started in The Force Awakens. After setting up the Knights of Ren in that epic Force back vision with Rey, they disappeared from sight in Rian Johnson’s divisive Last Jedi. Their long-awaited return has been rumoured for months but the first official pictures were released today. The images confirm the legitimacy of recent leaks which had accurately described their armour and weapons, as well as their names and what they will be doing with Kylo. Scroll down to see the incredible images.

The new images are part of the traditional preview feature in Vanity Fair, shot as always by Annie Leibowitz.

The first look photographs also show Poe, Rey and Lando. They also confirm Richard E Grant’s role as General Pryde. Despite all that excitement, all eyes are on the Knights of Ren. 

The first things fans will see is that there are, as was always rumoured, six knights.

All story details and names are still firmly under wraps, but more than one site has carried remarkably similar reports about a secret mission Kylo and his Knights will take, including their names.

One leak report described: “Kylo Ren and his knights standing in front of a castle structure which has a large metal bridge that leads to the entrance. Kylo is leading his knights into the castle.” 

“The next image goes over a wide shot of all knights kneeling to Kylo as he stands on a platform. The knights are referred to as ‘Kato, Kane, Zara, Kylo, Mika, Shiro, and Haru.’

“We do know some of the knights will be female. Half will be Force-sensitive.”

A different site reported: “Kylo Ren and his Knights of Ren are at the dark location together. The castle or creepy domain is owned by this “ape man” who agrees to help Kylo Ren fix his mask and to activate a device that will take him and his knights towards their goals. First, they must “reforge” the mask and then they’ll be ready to continue on their quest.”

This refers to the fleeting shot of a hairy creature repairing Kylo’s helmet in the Rise of Skywalker trailer.

The new Vanity Fair image shows the knights in a desert location, which does not fit the theories Kylo and the Knights will journey to Darth Vader’s castle on Mustafar.

Or perhaps, even better, the Knights will feature in numerous scenes in the movie across multiple locations.

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