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    1. Which player has the record for most all-star game appearences by a Toronto Raptor?

    • a) Vince Carter
    • b) Chris Bosh
    • c) Demar DeRozan
    • d) Kyle Lowry
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    2. What year did the Toronto Raptors clinch their first playoff spot in franchise history?

    • a) 1998
    • b) 1999
    • c) 2000
    • d) 2001
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    3. Who is the all-time assist leader in Raptors franchise history?

    • a) Damon Stoudamire
    • b) Alvin Williams
    • c) Jose Calderon
    • d) Kyle Lowry
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    4. What is the highest regular season win total for the Raptors franchise?

    • a) 51
    • b) 56
    • c) 58
    • d) 59
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    5. Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green were traded for which Raptors mainstay?

    • a) Rudy Gay
    • b) DeMar Derozan
    • c) Kyle Lowry
    • d) Andrea Bargnani
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    6. The Toronto Raptors have won how many Atlantic Division titles as of 2021?

    • a) One
    • b) Three
    • c) Five
    • d) Six
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    7. Who was the last player to win Rookie of the Year as a Toronto Raptor?

    • a) Damon Stoudamire
    • b) Vince Carter
    • c) Chris Bosh
    • d) Demar DeRozan
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    8. In 2001, Vince Carter was an NBA All-Star, which teammate was also an all-star that year with him?

    • a) Charles Oakley
    • b) Antonio Davis
    • c) Morris Peterson
    • d) Mark Jackson
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    9. Who was the first player selected in the 1995 expansion draft?

    • a) Greg Anthony
    • b) Tony Massenburg
    • c) Byron Scott
    • d) B.J. Armstrong
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    10. Who was the first franchise the Raptors defeated to win their first ever playoff series?

    • a) Indiana Pacers
    • b) Boston Celtics
    • c) Miami Heat
    • d) New York Knicks

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