Charlotte Hornets Quiz

Feel the buzz and see how you fare with your knowledge on all things Hornets related!

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    1. The Charlotte Hornets were previously known as what team?

    • a) Sting
    • b) Pelicans
    • c) Jordans
    • d) Bobcats
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    2. Who did Charlotte select with the 2nd overall pick in the 2004 draft?

    • a) Dwight Howard
    • b) Emeka Okafor
    • c) Ben Gordon
    • d) Andre Iguodala
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    3. Which NBA legend owns the Hornets franchise?

    • a) Magic Johnson
    • b) Charles Barkley
    • c) Larry Bird
    • d) Michael Jordan
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    4. What is the name of the building the Hornets play out of?

    • a) The Hive
    • b) Hornets Arena
    • c) Spectrum Center
    • d) State Farm Stadium
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    5. Which Hornet won the all-star game MVP award?

    • a) Glen Rice
    • b) Alonzo Mourning
    • c) Eddie Jones
    • d) Kemba Walker
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    6. Who holds the record for most games played in franchise history?

    • a) Kemba Walker
    • b) Muggsy Bogues
    • c) Gerald Wallace
    • d) Dell Curry
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    7. Who holds the record for most points in a single game by a Hornet?

    • a) Glen Rice
    • b) Eddie Jones
    • c) Kemba Walker
    • d) Gerald Wallace
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    8. How many NBA championships have the Hornets won?

    • a) 0
    • b) 2
    • c) 3
    • d) 4
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    9. What were the primary colors of the Bobcats?

    • a) Green and White
    • b) Red and Gold
    • c) Teal and Yellow
    • d) Blue and Orange
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    10. Which advertisement logo is feautred on the Hornets jerseys?

    • a) State Farm
    • b) AT&T
    • c) Jumpman
    • d) T-Mobile

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