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During the making of the new movie, it seems Egerton’s performances of John’s iconic hits were a little too “theatrical”. But John’s all-important advice was so useful, the actor purportedly even went back and re-recorded some of the songs. Speaking to Variety, John’s husband Furnish – a producer on the project – said: “I think the most exciting thing about Taron as a singer throughout the whole process is how he grew.

“When he started he was very theatrical. He would sing words like he was on a [Broadway] stage.

“Rock stars don’t sing like that.”

He added: “Elton said to Taron, ‘Look, you need to relax more.

“‘Don’t try and copy me. Feel the spirit of the song’.”

Letting go of the need to impersonate John and letting the performance be more naturalistic seemed to be just the direction the talented Egerton needed.

Safe to say, the advice worked.

Furnish revealed: “When we got to the later end of the production, we went back and rerecorded a lot of the original vocals that we laid down because Taron had grown so much.”

Earlier this year, Furnish said he was having “sleepless nights” in trying to ensure Rocketman’s portrayal of John’s life was accurate.

He told Press Association: “It’s been an interesting challenge for me, I’m super excited.

“As a filmmaker it’s a wonderful opportunity and I want to do the best job I can.

“But I’m also responsible for making a film about my husband. And our sons are going to inherit that legacy, so the legacy we leave with that film – cinema is such a powerful thing – we want to make sure we do our best to get it right.

“I’m excited but I have a few sleepless nights because I feel a profound sense of responsibility to get it right.”

Early feedback indicate the efforts have been fruitful: despite a few critical reviews, the general critical consensus is very positive, according to the Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic scores.

A standing ovation at Cannes Film Festival last week also left Egerton in tears.

Rocketman is out tomorrow.

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