Rahul Nath Steps into the Digital Medium As Well


Rahul Nath has been extremely impressive with his performances in Tamil, Telegu and Bollywood films. Over the period of time, the actor has proved his worth in movies like Andhireekhi Namaskaram, Varṟavēṟpu Māṟum Naṉṟi, Happy Ending and Faraar. The actor has had a fair amount of experience working in many USA TV shows and after coming to India he has been a part of many Ad Films as well. To end the year, the actor is coming up with another exciting project.

As we all know that the trend of Web series is growing in Bollywood day by day as it has more charm and liberty. The creative person can convey his message more effectively and openly. It is a fact that now a days the modern generation is more attracted towards the web series because it has far better content than the films and a direct approach with the audience.

So finally we will see Rahul Nath in a Web Series called Naïve Rejected Indian (NRI). The tone of the show is very comedic and kind of is like a real life take on his own life but in a very comedic and over extended way. Rahul will be playing the role of NIKHIL, a wanna be actor who moves in with his American Indian friend SIMRAN, who herself is trying to make it in the music industry.

As per the sources, the storyline and the comedic twists and turns are the main attraction of the series. Amanda Sodhi will be starred against Rahul and will be playing the character of Simran. This series is all about the funny and emotional story of Nikhil and Simran who are struggling to make their way in the field of entertainment. If this series goes well for Rahul then it will give another push to his Bollywood career, as we all hope to see him in more movies. We are eagerly waiting for this web series and we are sure that it will be a joy to watch.



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