Maradona predicts that Messi will make a comeback

The Argentine legend Diego Maradona who stays more in news that Ronaldo and Messi combined predicts that Messi will make another comeback for his national side.

Argentina had a very ugly World Cup and that was the last time when the world saw Leo wearing a white and blue striped jersey.

Argentina only won one match in the World Cup and their disastrous campaign was ended by the French side who eliminated them in the round of 16.

When Maradona was asked if there is a possibility of Messi featuring for Argentina in the future, he said “I think so.” Adding, “We will see, because if not then we are in trouble.”

Maradona also stated that he didn’t criticize Messi in the past. “Leo is a friend of mine and I never talk badly about a friend in public. I would say it to the face, and not through an interview.” He said, adding, “About Leo, all I would say is that he is phenomenon and nothing more. There are players that go to bathroom 20 times [before a match] but I never referred to Messi.”

It seems as Messi’s entire focus is on Barcelona as they have to maintain their grip on the La Liga title.


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