Love yourself, love yourself as you are

The situations that we live in our life are the reflections of the intimate vision that we have of ourselves. So love and accept yourself as you are, since self-esteem is the key to success or failure and helps us understand ourselves and others.

Self-esteem has two elements: a feeling of personal capacity and a sense of personal worth. In other words, self-esteem is the sum of security, confidence, respect, and love for oneself. It reflects the implicit judgment that each one makes of their ability to face life’s challenges (to understand and overcome problems) and their right to be happy (to respect and defend their interests and needs).

Having high self-esteem is feeling prepared for life, that is, feeling capable and valuable. Having low self-esteem is feeling useless, feeling that you do not have the necessary skills to carry out any activity, feeling insecure, withdrawn, or lonely for not fitting in, that is, feeling wrong not concerning this or that matter, but wrong as a person. 

The ability to develop trust, respect, and self-love is innate to our nature. Everyone should enjoy a high level of self-esteem, experiencing both a belief in themselves and a strong feeling that they deserve to be happy. But it is not. Many suffer from feelings of worthlessness, insecurity, self-doubt, guilt, and fear, a belief that “what I am is not enough.” On many occasions, these feelings are not easily recognized and admitted, but they are there.


Learn to accept

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Self-acceptance requires that we approach our experience with an attitude that renders the concepts of approval or disapproval irrelevant: the desire to see, know, and understand.

Now, loving, caring, and accepting yourself does not mean lacking the desire to change, improve, or evolve. The truth is that self-acceptance is the precondition for change. If we take what we feel and what we are, we can allow ourselves to be aware of the nature of our choices and actions, and our development is not blocked.


Self-acceptance is essential to achieve positive change.

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  • If I refuse to accept that I often live unconsciously, how will I learn to live more consciously?
  • If I refuse to accept that I often live irresponsibly, how will I learn to live more responsibly?
  • If I refuse to accept that I often live passively, how will I learn to live more actively?

Accepting ourselves is accepting the fact that what we think, feel, and do are expressions of the self as they occur. But this does not mean that these expressions are the final ones about who we are unless we cover them with cement through our denials and dismissals.

Anything that does not suit our official concept of ourselves, or our official belief system, or that arouses anxiety for any reason. We can reject it. So the best thing you can do is love yourself. Yes, love just the way you are.


Accept yourself, value yourself, and love yourself.

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You cannot find outside that which does not exist within you. Again we cannot form an image of ourselves

You will have to change your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings and acquire certain habits that help you achieve it.

Your self-esteem is reflected in your life, from your work to the way you feed yourself.


Love yourself as you are

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You are unique. You have your qualities, your defects, and your virtues like everyone. The simple fact of acknowledging it will help you understand that you are not better or worse than others, even if others want to convince you otherwise. 

You have all the potential to contribute great things to the world, be convinced of it, and eliminate those little voices that tell you that you are not enough or that you cannot, choose to strengthen your voice and your inner power. 

Do not allow anyone to tell you what you can do and not whatnot. Just because they can’t do something doesn’t mean you can’t. Love yourself, value yourself, accept yourself, you are a wonderful being, stay away from people who only try to tell you otherwise, they are toxic people who all they want is to hurt you, so choose to love yourself as you are and the rest will come also.

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