Katy Perry denies the allegations made on Dr. Luke


Katy Perry in her deposition completely denied all the rumors of Dr. Luke raping her.

The lawsuit between Kesha and Dr. Luke caught fire this Monday when several depositions were unsealed.

Katy Perry in her deposition complete denied the allegations made on Dr. Like about raping her and also dosing her were delusional medicines.

“Are you also aware that Kesha has made a statement that Dr. Luke raped you?” an attorney asked Perry.

“Yes,” the singer responded.

“Did Dr. Luke ever rape you?”


“Did Dr. Luke ever sexually assault you?”

“Absolutely not.”

“Did he ever give you a roofie?”


“Did you have a sexual relationship with Dr. Luke at all?”


A case was filed against Kesha of defaming Dr Luke by sending a text to Poker Face singer Lady Gaga in which she told Gaga about Dr Luke raping Katy Perry.

But Gaga on the other hand added another twist when she said that it was the CEO of Interscope Records, John Janick who told Gaga that he has heard a rumor about Dr. Luke raping Katy Perry.

But Katy Perry completely denied having any conversation with Janick regarding this and she also said that she never had a detailed meeting with John Janick.

“I couldn’t pick him out of a crowd.” She said.


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