Dwayne Johnson warns all the ‘Fake’ Social Media Accounts

Dwayne Johnson has uploaded a video clip on his Instagram in which he has bashed all the fake ids asking for money in his name.

Recently a post from Dwayne’s fake it went viral in which the impersonator was asking for money and many people actually wasted a fair amount of money because of that.

Dwayne in his clip warned the ids and also stated that he would never ask his fans for money.

“I would never, ever ask you guys for money just to give you free stuff.

“I’m the guy who was evicted at 15, as you guys know by 23 I had seven bucks in my pocket.

“I value a hard-earned dollar and I would never ask you guys for the money. I got enough people trying to steal shi-t from me as it is, I would never try to take from you guys.”

Dwayne Johnson who is also declared by Forbes as the highest paid actor of the year requested his 114 million Instagram followers to be smart.

“be vigilant, be smart, question it, report it.

“I got the Feds working on it now.” He said.


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