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What is the story of Cats?

The story of Cats is an anthology-style musical which takes place over just one night.

Several cats gather in a junkyard and introduce themselves in song, making the case for why each one is worthy to enter the Heaviside Layer, the cat equivalent of Heaven, to be reborn as a younger, hotter cat. 

The events are overseen by the delightfully rotund and kind Deuteronomy, played by Judi Dench in the new film.

But lurking in the background, is the dreaded criminal cat Macavity, played by Idris Elba.

Each song is about each cat introducing itself, or telling a story about its life. 

During the night, a washed-up old cat named Grizabella attempts to join the festivities several times, but is repeatedly rejected as the other cats judge her appearance and colourful past, shunning her.

After the lead cats have their moment to sing, the kindly Deuteronomy decides to give Grizabella a chance to ascend to the Heaviside Layer, and then she sings. 

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