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The Queen biopic, which won more Oscars than any other film at this year’s ceremony, came out last year and became a huge hit.

Lambert currently performs with Queen stars Brian May and Roger Taylor as their vocalist, and had a cameo in the movie as a man at a truck stop.

The blink-and-you-miss-it moment saw him exchanging a loaded glance with Freddie Mercury (Rami Malek).

“The rest is to be imagined by the audience,” Lambert told’s podcast Take The Hit.

“Different people think different things out of that scene.

“Some people don’t realise that what may have transpired is sex in a toilet!”

But he added: “But who’s to say that that did happen? Maybe that’s not what happens!

“Maybe Freddie just looks at him and has a realisation.”

The truck stop moment is one scene that, however you interpret it, clearly nods to Freddie’s sexuality; something many people have said was played-down too much elsewhere.

But Lambert reasoned: “I think it’s a clever movie in terms of – depending on who you are, you’re going to get something different out of it.

“Each person pulls different things from the story, and it’s clever that way.”

He went on to agree that Bohemian Rhapsody introduced the Queen discography to a whole new generation of listeners – making even bigger than they were before.

“That’s the biggest takeaway of the film – is it’s injected new life into the Queen brand; which was not suffering, by the way!” he commented.

“That was the aim of the movie, to cement their legendary status as mythic rockstars, as a group. I think the film does that very well.”

Lambert is currently gearing up for release of his new album Velvet, with the singles New Eyes and Comin’ In Hot out now.

Queen begin their Rhapsody Tour across North America this month.

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