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Bad Boys for Life is back – bringing Will Smith and Martin Lawrence together again. The last film was released in 2003, meaning by the time it has come out in cinemas it will be 17 years since we’ve seen them together. Here is what we can learn from the trailer.

What does the Bad Boys For Life trailer reveal about the new film?

For a start, the film begins with Martin Lawrence and Will Smith, or their characters Marcus Burnett and Mike Lowrey, repeating the phrase “One last time.”

This implies the third movie will be the final of the franchise – though never say never in Hollywood.

We then see Mike smoothly exiting his Porsche, the door of which Marcus quickly smashes onto a fire hydrant, leaving the pair to bicker like an old married couple once again.

They look more like dads than action heroes, with Marcus telling Mike he is retiring because he wants his legacy to be something more wholesome than “muscle shirts and body counts.”

We also see he has got married in the years between the films but Mike is still intent on fighting, even if it is alone.

Mike is able to convince Marcus to get back to work, as they are seen setting fires, driving through shopping malls and dealing with some major explosive carnage.

There are some epic fight scenes with helicopters, tanks, and helicopter and tanks exploding on a precarious bridge.

But it seems the pair are not entirely alone, as the film ends with Vanessa Hudgens, Charles Melton and Alexander Ludwig’s characters singing a Bad Boys theme.

What is the plot of Bad Boys For Life?

In this movie, Marcus is now a police inspector while Mike is going through a midlife crisis, trying to relive his glory days.

The pair reunite when a Romanian mob boss promises them an important bonus in revenge after his brother is defeated.

Bad Boys For Life is out on January 17

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