A-Rod gushes about J-LO

Even after spending a fair amount of time together away from the limelight, the star couple still gush about each other every time they come in front of the camera.

A-Rod in his recent interview with Cigar Aflicianado magazine talked about the things that he love about Jennifer.

“Jennifer, when you talk about power, and you talk about beautiful, both inside and outside. The way she parents her twins the way she is with my daughters. There is just so much admiration. And what I love about Jennifer is how genuine, how real [she is] and how much she does for others, how much she inspires others both men and women.” He said.

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That’s not all the sports legend also talked about his controversial career and his regrets.

‘There are rules, and you have to follow them. I made those mistakes, and at the end of the day, I just have to live by those mistakes. Whether I get in, or I don’t – and let’s be clear, I want to, I hope I get in, and I pray I get in, but if I do not, I think I have an even bigger opportunity.’

‘And the platform of my mistakes, the good the bad, the ugly, has allowed me to have a voice to the next generation, to say when in doubt, look at my career… The other message is, maybe I am not a Hall of Fame player, but I get the chance to be a Hall of Fame dad and a Hall of Fame friend.’

The association decided not to include him in the ‘Hall of fame’ category because of his ban. Alex used performance enhancing drugs in 2014.




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