4 water sports ideal for burning calories and losing weight.

Summer days are ideal for lovers of water sports. The heat can make people more sedentary. For this reason, it is best to opt for some water sport and thus burn some calories.

Many consider that spending a few days on the beach or visiting the pool is only when you want to rest and disconnect, enjoying the water and the sand. But the truth is that you can do countless activities both at sea and in the pool, and thus take advantage of the long summer days to keep fit.

There are different types of water sports. Some take place in closed and controlled environments such as swimming pools and those in open spaces such as the sea. Choosing one modality or another will depend on the characteristics and preferences of each and accessibility.

The best sports to lose weight in the water.

If you want to lose weight during the summer and not get hot in the process, there are a series of ideal sports to be carried out throughout the season, whether you are on vacation at the beach or working in the city:


This activity is carried out in a swimming pool and can be found in sports centers, in gyms with swimming pools, and within the framed activities of a resort (which can be practiced on vacation).

Aquagym is a variant of aerobics that was very fashionable in the 80s. The difference is that this time it is performed in water, making it more complete and for all audiences. It consists of carrying out different exercises inside a shallow pool (the height of the water must not exceed the level of the users’ chest). The beneficial thing is that people are lighter in the water and can perform different exercises without fear of harm and with great effort, so it is considered that anyone can do it, regardless of age or physical condition.


Swimming is one of the sports stars to lose weight healthily. And it is that its practice helps tone the body and enhance the abdominals, in addition to improving flexibility and increasing lung capacity.

In swimming, almost all the body muscles come into operation, the most used being the back, arms, and abdomen.

Aqua Running 

Running on the ground is one of the most calorie sports, but doing it with a part immersed in water multiplies the effects. It is ideal for practicing it in the sea since the person can voluntarily regulate the level of water to which he wishes to run. It is considered that 15 minutes doing aqua running equals one hour running on land.

With this practice, it is possible to increase the lung capacity and tone the leg muscles considerably.

Paddle surf

It is a simpler form of surfing, but just as effective in losing weight. Unlike surfing, you don’t have to have the ability to ride the waves. With a paddle, surf one moves with the help of a board and a paddle.

Depending on the intensity of the waters in which they are navigated, the effort will be greater or less, and the same occurs with the loss of fat. That yes: essential to practice it under the supervision of a qualified and professional monitor.

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