12 remakes that are better than the original movie

Film and television lovers know that sometimes the imagination needs a break from giant projects, so they choose to take ready-made works and improve them. So today, we have dozens of remakes of super famous and beloved movies of all time.

And although creating a remake is a complete risk to premiere it at a different time, before an audience with new tastes, it is hoped to leave a nice memory for that generation that saw the film born and, incidentally, catch younger viewers. So now we present to you those movies that can be considered better than the original tapes.


1) Ocean’s Eleven

A man with great charisma is in charge of recruiting a team of expert thieves who will carry out an assault in Las Vegas. This movie was first released in 1960 under the same name.


2) Casino Royale

James Bond is on his first mission as Agent 007, and during the journey, he meets Vesper Lyn, a beautiful young woman who takes care of the government’s money; the predecessor film is from 1967.


3) The Wicker Man

A policeman ventures in search of a missing girl, and upon arriving at the scene, he becomes aware of the presence of sinister forces that he will have to face; the first edition is from 1973.


4) The jungle book

The film tells the story of Mowgli, a little boy who is raised by a pack of wolves, and although he seems to be safe, the arrival of Shere Khan changes everything. This is a remake from 1967.


5) True Grit

Following her father’s sudden murder, Mattie hires Rooster to help find the culprit. The previous version of the same name was released in 1969.


6) Pet Sematary

After the sudden death of his cat, Louis buries his faithful friend in a forest near his new house, without imagining that it would trigger terrifying things. The original movie was released in 1989.


7) Village of the Damned 

The first version appeared in 1960 and tells us how strange albino children use their mental powers to control adults in a small town in California.


8) House on Haunted Hill

A wealthy man who owns a park offers a million dollars to those who manage to survive one night in a haunted mansion. It was originally released in 1959.


9) Dawn of the Dead

Some Milwaukee residents must survive a zombie attack caused by a strange virus, but are trapped in a mall. Look for the 1978 version!


10) Insomnia

After a murder in Alaska, a Los Angeles detective tries to find out what happened there. It first hit the big screen in 1997.


11) Scarface

This film, released in 1932, tells the story of how a Cuban immigrant becomes one of the greats of the mafia in the city of Miami.


12) The mummy

A group of intrepid adventurers unearths a prehistoric piece that is capable of awakening the Scorpion King’s demonic warriors. This is a remake of the 1932 film.

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